Using the build number in your app

The build number is available as an Environment variable called BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER. 

Using the build number in a gradle build

In your gradle build file, you can use the following construct to compile the build number into a buildConfigField:

try {
    buildConfigField 'String', 'BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER', '\"' + 
        System.getenv("BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER") + '\"'
} catch (MissingPropertyException e) {
    buildConfigField 'String', 'BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER', '"Unknown"'

This will set the buildConfigField BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER to 'Unknown' when built outside buildozer, and to the buildnumber when building inside buildozer.

Inside your java code you can then access it using:

String buildNumber = BuildConfig.BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER;

Using the build number in an Xcode build


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