Environment Variables

Buildozer sets a number of environment variables that you can use in your build scripts. These are useful if you want to add a version number to your app based on the build number, or if you have a build phase in your project that needs access to certain files.

Below is a list of variables we support:

Environment Variable Description
BLDZR_SOURCE The path of your project source code. This is the path where Buildozer has checked out your project. If you need to do file manipulations, you may want to use this path in your scripts.
BLDZR_FILES The path to your project files. This is the path to the files you uploaded in the Buildozer web interface.
BLDZR_CACHE Files stored at this location will be saved at the end of a build and restored at the beginning of a new build.
BLDZR_TEMP Can be used to store temporary files.
BLDZR_PROJECT_ID The id of your project. Useful if you want to create a link to your project details page.
BLDZR_PROJECT_NAME The name of your Buildozer project
BLDZR_PROJECT_PLATFORM_CODE The platform that's currently building (android, ios)
BLDZR_BUILD_ID The id of your build. Useful if you want to create a link to your build details page.
BLDZR_BUILD_TYPE The type of build (build, checkout).
BLDZR_BUILD_NUMBER The build number (sequential) of the current build

If there's any environment variable that you are missing, contact support and we will see if we can add it.

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