Preparing an Android project for Buildozer

Almost all Android projects work out of the box.


Run './gradlew tasks'. Do you see a task named 'assembleRelease'? Then Buildozer will be able to build it. 

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    Boris Mednikov

    I need to compile a simple Kivy project. I uploaded it to GitHub ( ), then created a project at website, but it doesn't compile. The compiler says, that it doesn't contain project files. What am I doing wrong and what is project files? Is file not enough? Do I need to upload Kivy distribution to my GitHub project also? I'd like to use for compilation, but I don't understand how to use it and what am I doing wrong. Could you help me please?

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    Ivo Jansch

    Hello Boris,

    The Kivy project is unrelated to the service despite sharing the same name. is used to build native apps only.

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